Stifel North Atlantic AM-Forward Fund is built to address supply chain challenges

Target: Established small Aerospace and Defense manufacturing businesses seeking to grow additive manufacturing (AM) capabilities


Invest in existing Tier 2, 3, and 4 small business suppliers to leading defense, aerospace, and energy companies

Invest in suppliers (not projects) targeting improved additive manufacturing capabilities

Build capacity for DoD and expand commercial capabilities


The Fund targets AM adoption and focuses on implementing the full value chain of additive manufacturing, to deliver quality approved parts when needed.

Sample investments may include:

  • Post-processing
  • Quality management
  • Large-scale AM
  • High performance design for AM
  • Precise AM production

Samples are illustrative only. The Fund may or may not invest in these specific areas.


Established, U.S.-based manufacturing or related services businesses

Focus on, or interest in, growing aerospace and defense capabilities

Focus on, or interest in, growing Advanced and Additive Manufacturing capabilities

Breakeven to $10 million of EBITDA


Long-term patient capital designed to fit the specific needs of a business

Potential structures include senior debt, subordinated debt, warrants, and minority equity positions

$3 million to $10 million typical investment size, with potential for larger investments with partners

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