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Investment Profile

Market-leading technology companies serving businesses

Venture capital backed businesses with $10-50 million in revenue

Financial Factors

  • Rapid revenue growth

  • High gross margins

  • Recurring revenue

  • Capital efficient

  • Last capital before cash flow break-even

Deal Types
Structured debt

Deal Size
$5-10 million

Use of Proceeds

  • Growth Capital

  • Shareholder liquidity

  • Acquisition financing

The North Atlantic Advantage

North Atlantic Capital’s structured debt is unique in the marketplace. A niche between equity
and venture debt, our structure provides more patient capital than traditional venture debt and is less expensive than equity.

North Atlantic Structured Debt

The Structure

  • Subordinated debt

  • 6 Year Term

  • No principal amortization

  • No financial covenants

  • Fixed monthly interest rate

  • Nominally priced warrants in most recent preferred round

  • Target 2x return

North Atlantic Structured Debt Advantages: 

Compared to Equity:

  • Less shareholder dilution

Compared to Venture Debt:

  • More patient long-term capital