The Team at North Atlantic Capital

We offer a combined 50+ years of investing experience with high-growth technology companies. With backgrounds in banking, consulting, finance and technology research, we have a 30-year legacy of supportive, collaborative and successful relationships with our portfolio company executives and co-investors.

Our Team Members

Co-founder and Managing


Managing Director

Managing Director

Co-President, Stifel Financial

Chief Financial Officer

Office Coordinator

The service of Messrs. Nitka and Nesi to North Atlantic Capital Management (NACM) and the Stifel North Atlantic AM-Forward Fund, shall be performed solely in their capacities as managing members of the General Partner and NACM and shall not in any way be treated as acts of or on behalf of Stifel based on their executive positions with Stifel. There is no association or affiliation between Stifel and North Atlantic Capital Corporation or its private investment funds.